Providing:  Internet Radio Station, Airplay, Artist Promotion, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz & Country Music.

**This package is available at $75.99 as a limited time offer. In June the price will increase to $99.99 and it will be called the Gold Package.

Record Deal Info

Get your hot music played 24/7 with US! And Live Interviews, And get your own Network website from us. Get help with Record Deal? Know Games. There's is a finder Fee? Once we help get you a deal? We are working with the Vic President of A&R of DEF JAM Records 1-888-85RADIO / 1-888-857-2346 Music must be clean And radio ready Only! Send Press Kit To: PAY2PLAYRADIO.LLC P.O.BOX 2009 CALUMET CITY ILL 60409  Send Bio,Pictures,Music.Songs sent should not be no more than six songs,This is know game, start your career.  Send your clean music to: Mp3 format. For radio play only! Not for Def Jam records. Go to:P2PNetwork Membership on our home page first! And signup as a pay2playradio member Thank you! There's know Gurantee? That you will be signed! Only guarantee is that if your music gets pass us and our staff you will make it to the Def Jam Drop Box! And your music will be reviewed By the Heads of A&R of Def Jam Records.And then and only by choice to the Vic president of Def Jam! If you make it this far your looking GREAT! (Smile) Limted number of artists will be sent to Def Jam at a time. Thank you all! A.J