Providing:  Internet Radio Station, Airplay, Artist Promotion, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz & Country Music.

**This package is available at $75.99 as a limited time offer. In June the price will increase to $99.99 and it will be called the Gold Package.

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  1. $2,000 will get you 4 (one min) radio slots everyday for a month, with a savings of $5,200
  2. $1,500 dollars will get you 4 (one min) slots a day, for three weeks with a savings of $3,540
  3. $850 dollars gets you 3 (one min) radio slots a day, for two weeks with a savings of $1,670
  4. $400 dollars gets 25 (45 sec) bonus slots for two weeks with a savings of $600
  5. $200 dollars gets 16 (30 sec) slots for two weeks with a savings of $440
  6. $99.95 will get you 10 (45 sec) bonus of 15 secs, for a week with a savings of $300
1 Minute Radio Slot $60 45 Second Radio Slot $50 30 Second Radio Slot $40

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