Providing:  Internet Radio Station, Airplay, Artist Promotion, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz & Country Music.

**This package is available at $75.99 as a limited time offer. In June the price will increase to $99.99 and it will be called the Gold Package.



All artists! We are proud to bring this to your attention as a first in the history of the music industry. To all Artists and Groups!

Yes! Basically what we're offering is one of the greatest opportunities and features that Pay2PlayRadio has in its advertising agreement. This contract, once you the artist or group accumulate through our development features and services a potential of 20,000 followers, viewers and subscribers on the Pay2PayRadio platforms, then you, the said artist or group, has waived his or her rights to consider any other company or grant any other Music Production company the opportunity to put you in any venue or television before Pay2PlayRadio has been allowed to give you that opportunity to be presented in concert on a major scale or minor scale venue.

You the artist recognized that we have the potential here and now at Pay2PlayRadio having all rights to promote and produce 6 concerts or venues of 2500 seating or more before any other company,law firm, or promotional group or single promoter of any kind! Our discretion, before any other company, is because of our advertising abilities of promoting you or developing your career, broadcasting you as an unsigned artist or group, paying you royalties as if you were a major artist.

Pay2playRadio advertising your images & your Intellectual properties, where you are still in control of all Intellectual properties because we are not acting or leading as any record label. We are not signing you to any Label Deal at all. We will only be signing a minimum of 6 agreed concerts on your behalf. Broadcasting your music content on Radio & TV for all the world to view.

We are asking for all the rights for at least 6 concerts. Guaranteed up to the capacity of Major concert capabilities, before any other company or entities. But, first at our discretion, this will be a binding and legal agreement. We are a flexible company. We will not do anything to hinder your career or stagnate growth. We are asking because we are building your career first preference to be streaming live and promote your Concerts before any other Entities.

Just the magnitude of the concerts on the PAY2PLAY RADIO TV/RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK PLATFORM! While you continue to be a free international unsigned artist or groups not signed to any Record organization.

Yes! These concerts will be paid up to 1 million $1.000.000 dollars. It all depends on the Venue size and its seating capacity plus, for streaming you "LIVE" and that will be a separate contract?

Yes, up to one million Dollars for the live streaming TV, outside of the venue agreement?

Yes, you will have the potential to get paid twice for one "Live Concert" venue Show. Thank you!

By signing this agreement you have agreed to allow foreign or domestic rights to 6 consecutive concerts.

Pay2PlayRadio & Broadcast TV Productions is the right place for the artist or group in a Venue of their choice, recognizing that Pay2PlayRadio.LLC. will protect your rights as an individual and as an Independent artist or group.

We at Pay2PlayRadio Guarantee your rights as an independent artist and owner of your own intellectual property. As we act on your behalf at all times.



In consideration of the respective covenants contained herein the parties hereto intending to legally abide hereby agree to as follows.

1. The program hereby warrants and represents that the use of the master recordings of the artist's performance shall be used for the sole purpose of broadcast on the internet radio program now known as Pay2PlayRadio. Copies of recordings embodying the artist's performance shall not be licensed, leased or sold to any other person, firm or Corporation for any purpose other than that of radio broadcast of the program.

2. The purpose of this performance is to record artists for the internet radio and ROKU TV channel program known as Pay2PlayRadio TV Productions. Artist grants license for this recording under the following terms and conditions. All recordings, podcasts and other reproductions made from and together with artist's content uploads becomes an internet radio and ROKU TV broadcast agreement between Pay2PlayRadio and the artist membership.

The membership agreement is effective by and between P2P ARTIST MEMBERSHIPS hereinafter as Pay2PlayRadio. Private membership access via with a business address and all current and future members referred to as P2P Artist Members by accessing browsing or using the Pay2PlayRadio websites by selecting features benefits plans etc. during the membership registration.

You concur that you have read and understand, agree and abide by the terms and conditions of this simple membership agreement hereinafter referred to as membership agreement for music artists.

Pay2PlayRadio is a social network TV/RADIO ALL IN ONE BROADCAST PLATFORM facilitating the exchange of personal information and their music audio video and podcasts content between people of this socialization for broadcast benefits and opportunities which offers the artists in terms of exposure, fan base development, and retaining royalties and residuals.

User registration and information members should fill in the correct information requested in the user registration form on the site .

Members shall be required to promptly update the user information on the site membership, select the username and password during the user registration process.

Members should be responsible for all of the site made by the member's {username and password} and maintaining confidentiality of the member's username and password. Content includes artist's copyright licensed BMI, ASCAP, SESAC Performing Rights Organizations, recordings, messages and other materials posted to forms groups and other locations on the site by the members of the Community.

Members of the Community are deemed to Grant the Community the non-exclusive right to post display copy modify the content and connection with the operation of the site and the community business of broadcast further the member's name to Grant the Community the non-exclusive right to post display copy broadcast the content within the limitations set by the member during the online publishing and broadcasting process.

This Non-Exclusive membership agreement does not restrict artists from pursuing other opportunities simultaneously.

We emphasize that artists have the freedom to upload and distribute their content through other channels as well.

Artists will have control over their content and its usage, including the ability to approve or reject any broadcasting requests.

We encourage collaboration with other artists and industry professionals will be encouraged to foster a supportive community.

Artists shall retain full ownership of their copyrights and intellectual property. Along with the benefits artists will gain by being part of the community access to exclusive industry resources, promotional opportunities, networking events, and educational materials tailored to their needs.

In the case of any disputes our process for resolve will be through mediation or arbitration, rather than litigation. This provides an assurance of fairness and encourages amicable solutions.

Release if the member has a dispute with one or more other members the members shall release the community and it's officer directors agent subsidiary of his joint ventures and employers from claims demands and damages actual and consequential of every kind and nature known and unknown rising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.